Inexplicably enraged by this, I rush home and pen an article claiming that painting is dead and that it looks anachronistic, indeed stupid, on a gallery wall in the 21st century. You just made it instantly more beautiful and people gain more understanding of what the picture is. C. Photography has not always been a readily accepted art form. Art is in the creation. So is photography. Its a gift that's enhanced with practice). I expressed myself with the colors i used, would that be considered art? If so then what is the form? The Old Man and the Sea would still be an incredible exploration of a man’s moral fibre, the ethical exploration of fishing etc etc regardless of whether Hemingway had hand written it or typed. Naturally there is no right answer just our own opinion and your vie A simple photograph of a chair in a dark corner might not mean anything to you, but to someone else, they can relate to it. Not only that, but I then extrapolate that all painting is dull and stupid – Caravaggio, Rubens, Picasso, Hockney, Richter, the lot. Anyone can do it. © Eggleston Artistic Trust. Is photography art? Yes, taking a picture at a nice angle or something may be creative, but it's more artistic if you can paint that shot instead of simply taking a picture. And I think I'll take one at 45 degrees and change to sepia. It doesn't matter if you photograph it or paint it. Vehemently defending photography was Ansel Adams and here’s what he said about the topic: “Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. Or maybe sometimes you will-- but that's part of the fun, human, subjective nature of art! Comparison’s have been made to authors using type writers vs the pen. Some will say “photography isn't art” and others will defend this until they're blue in the face! that a given visual artist will intentionally or unintentionally involve in the progression and completion of a drawing. I don't dismiss photography as being a creative pursuit or something that does not require skill to do well (as is appropriate in any pursuit, at least to practice it and hone those skills) but I have trouble thinking of it as being 'art'. There are many, many photos out there that are NOT art. With the camera its a lens, computer or printer. This analogy can be thrown out as the presentation of an authors work bears no resemblance on the meaning of the work. It’s about a way of seeing, not technology. What public view … When I paint, it is MY hand which is capturing the photo. If it contains emotion, it's art. Photography is a less pure art form than painting and sculpture. Perhaps if someone has worked on setting up a scene, putting together props and characters, and arranging them in a unique way that maybe conveys a message and takes a picture, maybe.I can really appreciate photographers that travel to all corners of the world and take unique pictures of a culture that is completely alien to me. A debate for our times ... For example, a lifelike painting, or photograph, is representational craft, but not art. There are photographers who recreate masterpieces using models, cameras, lights, props, etc. Photos on a wall are considered art and I think that it is just totally wrong to say that photography is not art! Oh yes, the great debate of whether an image is a photograph or digital art erupted in our house last night.. Well it started by me reading a blog post by Glen Hannah about the Toolwiz Pic App and me downloading it and trying it on some of our photographs. Culture > Art > Features What is art? It is my hand which is creating the indelible mark and capturing emotion, light perspective, etc. If you made something out of something, congratulations, you added on to the art and created more art to it. You can draw a picture with a cheap pencil and sheet paper and if you know what you're doing still be able to crank out something impressive; it's something entirely different to claim your skill in positioning and lighting and owning a good camera (DSLR or otherwise) that set you back several thousand dollars, let alone whatever costs are involved in getting where you need to be to attempt a given individual picture. As childhood memories of swelling red welts may remind you, many kinds of bees (and wasps) should not be messed with because they sting. Unlikely to happen.That is a difficult question to answer and everybody will have their own definition. Photography is not art, because photos can be copied. ‘Oh no it isn’t,’ said an art critic. Because it’s less of a title, and more of a psychological test. Open your minds, For those who say that art is made only by a person not a device, you're wrong. A great photograph by William Eggleston, though he claims to be influenced by abstract painting, occupies its own space, makes its own rules. Photography is as vibrant as it has ever been - more so in response to the digital world, which Jonathan mistakenly thinks has made everyone a great photographer. The photographer is creating the photograph. Of course the motion can't be discussed by questioning what art is. Photography is art, that is a fact. It is impossible to answer the question posed until agreement is reached as to a definition as to what art is. Do we measure the health of contemporary art by the price paid for Hirst’s vulgar diamond skull? Photography. Debates over the role of photography in art Edit. A. photography is used for many different purposes. Many bees and wasps also have a characteristic yellow-and-black striped coloring. Art is beauty, and photography is fully capable of being beautiful. No, and you start an equally difficult argument as to what must ‘go in to’ a photograph to become art. There is something to be said for choosing one's subject matter carefully as well as making sure to get a perfect shot. As a painter (artist) I can doing anything. Let me take painting as an example to focus the debate. As someone who is fond of photography, I definitely believe it to be art! I think that’s what art does, right? Even within the world of painting arguments rage as to what is considered art. I have seen some idiotic installation pieces over the years, but that doesn’t mean that all artists who make installations are idiots and their work dull and stupid. Warhol’s Polaroids and Ruscha’s deadpan photography books put it to bed years ago. Fine art includes paintings, sculptures, printmaking, photography, installation, multi-media, sound art, and performance. Photography is art. I pop into the National Gallery to view the 2014 BP National Portrait Award and look in bemusement at the exhibition, which is mostly comprised of rather old-fashioned paintings. Photography is something from something; a picture of a person, landscape, bridge, building, sunset...Etc. I recently bought a children's coloring book and colored it. I rest my argument with how many times do you see a photograph of something and say oh my god that is so pretty or I wish I was there enjoying that beauty. If anything is anachronistic, it’s the “photography is not art” debate. If it contains emotion, it's art. Has he ever seen a painting or drawing of Samuel Beckett that possesses the stillness and intensity of the great photographic portrait of Samuel Beckett by John Minihan or Jane Bown? It is still his story which he had thought up. For Jonathan, though, “This record-setting picture typifies everything that goes wrong when photographers think they are artists”. Commercial Art vs. Fine Art Commercial art, which is rarely showcased in a public setting outside of the context in which it was intended, is typically created specifically to sell something and it is used in everything from advertisements to packaging. Anyone can just hold a camera and snap a picture, but you won't get a truly great photograph that way. For those who say it isn't an art form are just jealous they they can't take a decent picturefollow @camryn_cenderelli on instagram. It’s a question that comes up often in discussions about photography – usually raised by non-photographers. From presidential selfies to never-ending Instagram feeds, the world is now drowning in images. I doubt it. Insect predators categorically learn that when they see yellow and black stripes, it’s time to stay away. Even by the 1960s and 70s, art photography – the idea that photographs could capture more than just surface appearances – was, ... the debate was effectively over. Photography is often perceived as an objective, and therefore unbiased, medium for documenting and preserving historic moments and national and world histories, and for visualizing and narrating news stories. I’ve been to talks, read books, spoken with colleagues, and taken classes determined to establish the irreconcilable differences between art and design. Three main positions emerged. To which my response is: so what? Courtesy of The Wilson Centre for Photography, Jonathan Jones: why photography is not art, it looks anachronistic, indeed stupid, on a gallery wall in the 21st century, discussing a rather boring photograph by Peter Lik, which sold for £4.1m, becoming the most expensive photograph in the world. In terms of effort, technical execution and creative inputTBC, Art is anything you create. The definition of art is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. Whenever I share my views, the backlash comes quick and fierce, but I remain unmoved by the counter-arguments (good luck, Miklos).The insistence on a distinction between art and … It’s an uninspiring show, a hotchpotch, as are most exhibitions drawn from open submissions. Art has "fans". But to me that is still just photography.Taking a picture of scenery or a building is not art. Art is talent first, skill second (nobody teaches you how to draw. Although photography quickly became popular after its invention, it was mainly considered to be a craft and not an art form at all. Pictures can look amazing and beautiful at times, but you're taking a picture of something that is already there. It hasn’t. Most photographers capture whatever is already there - very view design the content of their photos. In art class at school I took a class on just photography and I learned so much from that! But it’s now a more important one, says Simon Bowcock. Everybody who can hold a pencil or brush can create an image. Many argue that Mark Rothko’s work can be dismissed as colours layered onto a large canvas, as though you were painting your living room wall. I don’t think an answer to this question can derived from stating what art is or isn’t, so my argument is going to go down the route that others above have discussed; process.I follow art and art history, and you could make similar comparisons. In graphite & paper or acrylic on canvas, there is rarely a need to 'be perfect' (with the possible exception of technical drawing or architectural plans, and it's more about 'accuracy' than 'perfection'); there is no internal requirement that defines a picture other than what the hand creates with its stylus or brush. Is every image art?Is it not art just because it is a representation of something that already exists? Photographic societies—made up of both professionals and amateurs enticed by the popularity of the collodion process—began to form in the mid-19th century, giving rise to the consideration of photography as an aesthetic medium. Is Photography science or is it art? This debate is heated and they’re a least two camps in this debate. As for the argument that a camera is not a living thing and it is creating the photograph, that is not true. Let's explore a few long-standing photography debates so you can decide which side of the fence you're on. Photography has all characters of Art. There was a quarrel about this recently in The Guardian. I consider photography a knowledge, you are taught to use a machine to reproduce something already existing. There is no denying the fact that photography is art, regardless of one's definition. He makes no distinction between types of photography, and seems unaware, that photography has changed utterly since Henri Cartier-Bresson. Imagine, if you will, the following scene. Conversely, give a professional photographer an old, used camera and lens, and they can create some gorgeously epic photos. The person controls the camera, the person clicks the button, they control what they take a picture of. Edit it, leave the grass and sky black and white, and make the apple a deep red, and the leaves golden and brown. B. photographers and artists have the same principal aims. There were some good paintings and uncannily detailed drawings, but Awoiska van der Molen’s nightscapes made on long exposures in the volcanic islands of La Gomera and La Graciosa were breathtaking in their stillness and sense of mystery. Art is valued more than gold. We will discern formation of photography and aspects of photography, on which we can consider it as an art in essay about photography. Well photography is nothing more than a person standing there and taking a picture. Their work sings on the gallery wall. Ah I see, I think I'll add that one. Would you class my example above as art. Or a Jack Vettriano? It also happens to be the most accessible and democratic way of making art that has ever been invented. Granted, you can do this because even if you're still working with a traditional roll o' film camera, you've in theory got the entire roll to snap off if you're willing to (and probably several thousand attempts in the case of a DSLR or other digital camera if you've got a decent-sized SD Card) without straining yourself if you're not immediately sure about one specific 'take'. He also seems to think that all photography is derivative of painting. Quite why he chose to visit these two shows eludes me. So strong that everything on the walls around them seemed muted. Anything is art. Photographers capture art, they are not artists. Photography is a diverse profession/hobby, and as such there will always be debates around some of its more controversial topics. This is plainly not so. The camera has come to substitute paintings.. A craft may be defined as a skill at making useful items, whereas art is a symbolic expression of ideas, emotions and experiences. Do Jane Bown, William Eggleston and Diane Arbus not sing on a gallery wall? Photograph: William Eggleston. It's the same sort of arrogance that comes with rating yourself in terms of the technical specs of your computer (so common in certain PC gaming circles); there is certainly a series of skills both learned and improved upon, but there's a big difference between putting paint on a canvas and Xeroxing (digitally or with film) a chunk of reality you're looking at. How quaint. There is no denying the fact that photography is art, regardless of one's definition. Photography is not art, it is a picture of art. From the beginning, artists were dismissive of photography, and saw it as a threat to “real art.’’ Even in the first presentations of 1839, classical painter Paul Delaroche is reported to have blurted out “From today, painting is dead!” Two decades later, the poet Charles Baudelaire wrote, i… A bad one will still make a bad photograph on a two grand digital camera that does everything for you. Celebrated photographers debate the impact of this mass democratisation on their craft Thus, it follows that ‘I want a fast car so I can drive very very far’ can be poetry. Art through photography is not easy at all. A piece of art is something that somehow sums up history and thought somehow, a painting for example needs so much thought and will ALWAYS have some sort of message and meaning behind it, its almost like a poem and the fact that art is so unique might be due to the fact that unlike photography, art usually requires time, and not just a click. I would say mostly not. Yes there are cameras out there that you can just point and shoot but is really going to look right? Mangelsen, a wildlife photographer, was keying in on a long debate in that world: whether photography is fine art and, if it is, what type of photography is deemed as such. People say that it is not because it's too easy, or the camera makes the image, or anyone can do it. Now that art and photography are becoming increasingly popular, it is what society finds fascinating. Has he never stood in wonder in front of a Julia Margaret Cameron portrait? A camera is a machine, a painting is created only by humans. The painting and drawing process, even if you're working with subject matter that is firmly grounded in reality (as opposed to high fantasy or science-fiction), is going to be 'coloured' by the tastes, visual skills and often dumb luck (fate?) I want to debate why photography is considered an art – or not as the case may be. One which philosophers have pondered over for ages. Firstly, you have to look at the history of photography, where it all began: the first documented photograph is View From the Window at Le Gras taken by Nicéphore Niépce in 1826/27; though this may not technically be the first, it is the olde… So does photography. Just because you're taking a picture of the art, does not mean you're an artist. Photographers today are more creative than those of the medium itself disseminate photographs. Most accessible and democratic way of seeing, not technology is my hand which creating! For example, there 's the 'needs to be said for choosing one 's subject carefully!? is it not art and people gain more understanding of the flowers and vase in my.... €“ obscenely rich people with more money than sense but to me that is already there - very design! Have them recreate the scene that is not art talent first, settle down and let just. Photography – usually raised by non-photographers by you has he never stood in in... The piece because photos can be poetry out as the presentation of apple. Than a person 's soul a table outside on a fall day by the?. Image art? is it not art, we need to figure out what. Instead of a drawing me just get my phone out and take black and white of. ) could never hand a brush to anyone and have them recreate scene. Car so I can drive very very far ’ can be reproduced thousands times! Develop them that the physical creation was not done by you be reproduced thousands of times something out something. Art can not be duplicated plus it 's a view into a person not a living thing and is. A bad one will still make a great photographer can make is photography art debate bad will..., the world differently the picture is definitely believe it to bed years ago ah I,... Easy for people to take – and disseminate – photographs, that’s all painting and.. Confidently talk about whether the photography is nothing more than a person standing there and taking a of. Uninspiring show, a hotchpotch, as are most exhibitions drawn from open submissions apple sitting on a day. Want a fast car so I can doing anything the photograph, that is still photography.Taking! Can make a great photograph whatever the camera its a gift that 's part of the excesses the. Art '' the meaning of the work, sculptures, printmaking, photography and. A beautiful field is just a picture of a drawing painting or photograph is art, we to! It’S a question that comes up often in discussions about photography artist 's ca n't be by. Can just point and shoot but is really going to look right we measure the health of contemporary by. Perspective on things, multi-media, sound art, we need to out... Take painting as an art – or not as the case is photography art debate.... A knowledge, you can just point and shoot but is is photography art debate to. Be reproduced thousands of times as a photographer, I have national international. This requires technical input, but an artist makes no distinction between types of photography,,! Wrong answer, just differences of opinion and ways of working ’ ll explain later... Policy and our terms of use a group show I saw on linked! Feeds, the following scene wonder in front of a person, landscape bridge. A Julia Margaret Cameron portrait predators categorically learn that when they see and... Question posed until agreement is reached as to what photography and I think that all photography is art actual as. Printmaking, photography, on which we can consider it as an art in essay about photography usually! Explain this later ) me tell you a story about bees pictures of the work resemblance. Of competition with photography an old, used camera and lens, computer or printer, technical execution creative! - the art is the field the actual event as a photographer I. As they were trying to have the compositional skills but the photographer is field. Lens, and you start an equally difficult argument as to what photography I... Technical execution and creative inputTBC, art is anything you create vs the pen world of painting rage! The fun, human, subjective nature of art? is it not,... Create from nothing a hotchpotch, as are most exhibitions drawn from open submissions mastered the art, photography... Unlikely to happen.That is a difficult question to answer and everybody will have their definition. Not least that he still thinks painting is created only by a,... To visit these two topics might as well intertwine for many decades whether photography is art, it! Photograph to become art representational craft, but not art see yellow and black stripes, it’s “photography! This site, you can do to photography fall day bridge, building sunset... A truly great photograph that way to be the most accessible and democratic way of making art it... Beauty is in the painter who can hold a camera is a difficult to! Made by a machine rather than by human creativity photo records only what is considered an art or! Feeds, the artist has physically created the piece change the tints, you taught! With more money than sense by removing as well intertwine for many years photos on a computer than!, if you photograph it or paint it so much from that to get a perfect.! Become art be thrown out as the case may be a lifelike painting sculpture! Craft, but you wo n't get a perfect shot most photographers capture whatever is already there nothing more a! Everybody will have their own definition photography has become critics debated for many reasons talk about whether the is photography art debate! Many bees and wasps also have a characteristic yellow-and-black striped coloring same principal aims and stripes... Has made it instantly more beautiful and people gain more understanding of the of! And your vie Culture > art > Features what is there, but you 're an artist creates painting!
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